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allicapri in go_monsterhigh

Monster High PJ Pants Pattern

That's a lot of 'P's. Anyway, are you excited by the upcoming Dead Tired releases? Do you want to dress your dolls in PJs because dresses and tights, and hell, even regular pants get uncomfortable after a long school day? Are you too impatient to wait to let your dolls sleep, deal with "that time", or just lounge around on a Saturday morning? Do you also like sewing? Well, have I got something for you!


It's a pattern for Monster High doll PJ pants! After several (perhaps seven?) rounds of drafting and tweaking I finally have a pattern I'm happy with and reasonably sure will replicate well, and I wanted to share the love with all the other dolls out there feeling like they need something more comfortable.

Clicking on the picture will (I hope) take you to a link to download the PDF. I'm not entirely sure the printer settings you'll need to print it properly (my printer/scanner/copier is currently functioning only as a scanner), but I've included a scale bar for easy reference.

Some notes:
-It's not a difficult pattern, but there aren't any instructions (would people be interested in tutorials?), so some previous sewing experience is probably necessary.
-USE KNIT! Or something else that stretches similarly. There's no fly and no elastic, so in order to go over the hips the fabric has to stretch.
-Old t-shirts and such are a good way to get appropriate fabrics and interesting patterns.
-The pattern can be easily adjusted for shorts or capris, just cut the legs shorter!

Enjoy! I hope there will be some happy dolls out there that don't have to go to bed in their regular clothes (or nekkid!).


Thanks for this! Any chance you can make other MH patterns?
I hope to, eventually, but it's slow going and pants are probably the easiest non-skirt thing to draft. This scale is more difficult and less forgiving than anything else I've tried.


Hi there,

I didn't find the PDF of this file...I'd love to try making some PJ pants for my ghouls...thanx!

Re: file?

It says No file located, but download it anyhow and it will show up in the PDF. Just downloaded it for my daughter! Good luck!
Thank you so much for making this pattern! My sewing machine wont work with stretchy fabric, but if you don't take up too much of the fabric with the seems, you can make these with non stretchy fabric too. I was even able to manage an elastic waist. I am now going to make many many more pairs. Since pants on MH dolls are few and far between.