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MH - Kyle

dark_skada in go_monsterhigh

Monster Buys

I did an outrageous amount of running errands today, and ran across a few Monster High things I thought I'd share.

A big one is that Monster High dolls are at Costco!
Monster Buys
Seems to be just the Classroom series but they're $15.99 each which is great compared to the $20+ they are in regular stores!

We also went to a Grand Opening of a new Toys-R-Us today and they had A LOT of Monster High stuff. So much I was completely overwhelmed. The one thing that really caught my attention though was this trunk:

Monster Buys

I get the idea it's for dress-up and the like, but I thought it would be neat for storing dolls or doll things if you had a lot.

Monster Buys

And it was right under the Halloween costume-

Monster Buys

I've been seeing these a lot online, but I was impressed with the quality of it in person. I'm glad Monster High is so popular :)