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axel08 in go_monsterhigh

Catrine DeMew Scaris City of Frights

Hello everyone, I'm new here and was wondering if Catrine DeMew was a hard to find doll. I found three so bought one for my friend who collects but she had one already but told me to keep it. I don't want to return it so I want to make some other fan happy if they don't have one



Panda cupcakes is looking to buy one
Omg! You are a sweetheart!! Thank you so much for keeping me in mind!!! :DD
I'd be more than happy to buy her from you!! ^___^
I'm selling her $40 is that going to be ok?
Well, I was really hoping to pay the $20 retail price and whatever it would be for shipping. Are you shipping from inside or outside the States?
First time doing this so I'm doing inside the states
It's ok. ^^ Would you be willing to do it for $30 including shipping?
Sorry for the delay, our internet was cutting on and off for some reason. Sorry but I still want $40 since I'll be doing the free shipping so it's already included.
Sorry, I'll pass. Thanks for your time, though.
Your welcome *shakes hand* ^_^

Can I buy one?

Can I buy one please? I don't have one do you accpet cash or money orders?